The internet and World Wide Web have changed how we do business as much, perhaps more, than any other development in recent history. The smallest local business in the tiniest hamlet now has access to a world wide audience. Choosing to take advantage of this audience has become less a question of if, and more a question of when. I believe we can make that question easier for you.

If you're considering a website for your business, or already have one, it should be as unique as your business. Certainly it should carry your colors, logos, and slogans, but there's more. Your website should be tailored to your business and how you run it. It must consider who your customers are and why they're coming to your website. And it must consider what your objectives are for wanting a site on the World Wide Web:

 Are you merely looking to increase visibility for your business?
 Are you trying to create new channels or business opportunities?
 Are you looking for another means to sell your products or services?
 Would you like to use your website to offset and reduce operating expenses?
Are you looking for cost effective communication or social networking?

You must also have an appreciation for who will access your website, and what their objectives are. Above all, your customers must want to use your site. I hope you will have your own thoughts and idea which we can discuss and evaluate. Once you have considered all of this we can develop a clearer vision of your new website and a better understanding of what you might care to invest in it. 

If this makes sense to you, then I'm confident that Net Prophet can assist you in establishing your presence on the internet. I have been working in the computer industry since 1982 and building websites since 1996. Let my highly personalized service and reasonable rates help your business naturally expand to the world wide web.
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